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Mother's Day

Almost every Mother's Day since becoming a mom has been a mix of pain and joy. Infertility, miscarriage, loss, longing for our babies across the world and feeling the loss of adoption have marked our journey. Walking with friends through deep pain of losing mothers, broken relationships, grief and ongoing pain from abortions or loss of children have been reminders of the brokenness of this world. But it has been and continues to be an invitation to deep and unshakeable hope.

Whatever your ache and whatever your joy today, there is unshakeable hope before you. Jesus is the resurrected King. He is who we need. He is who our children need. Lean into Him today. Place your Hope in Him and find your confidence there. Live with Gospel Confidence, the kind of confidence that remembers just how deeply God cares and how powerfully He intervenes in our lives and the lives of our kids.


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