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My Worth Is Not In What I Own

When we are home and I tempted to feel discontent about my home or things, when I’m tempted to be frustrated to be quarantined in my comfortable home or feel stuck or bored or when I’m tempted to be irritated about wearing a mask in target, I hope I remember these faces, these scenes, these towns, these people.

These people that can’t social distance, whose kids still are not in school, these police officers with 6 foot sticks, ready to smack anyone without a mask, the families who will have no food that night if mom and dad don’t work that day, the orphanages brimming with children, the street children who flock to us begging for money or food, pounding on our windows.

Perspective changes my world. All of a sudden my preferences don’t seem so important and my irritations are so minor. Don’t let your freedoms and preferences, desires and demands hinder you from looking around you and seeing how blessed you really are. Take a look outside of yourself, it changes you. Lord don’t let our privilege hinder our faith and love.

My worth is not in what I own.


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