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Notice the Helpers

Today’s worship service was beautiful. Worship through song, reading and preaching of God’s Word, communion and baptism. I am so thankful to be part of this local church. ⁣

Today as we worshipped through song, two songs in particular struck me. One song sings of God’s mercy being more than all of our sin, all of our suffering. The other talks about God’s goodness to us, reminding us of God’s continual faithfulness. ⁣

It wasn’t just the lyrics that touched my soul. There were lots of people helping me worship Jesus. It wasn’t the singers or musicians. It wasn’t the sound or the tech people. It was my brothers and sisters sitting around me. ⁣

In the face of my own struggles and difficulty, hearing others sing strengthened my faith. Knowing some of the incredible sorrow, loss, struggle, sin and heartache people around me have walked and walk through now give their words power. I closed my eyes and just listened to them praise our Savior. Their worship reminded me of just how faithful God was and is and always will be. Sometimes I need that reminder from others saints. Not in the form of words or advice they offer me. But in their sacrifice of praise. ⁣

Their words of surrender and praise in the face of a life that hasn’t turned out as expected or prayers for healing that have gone unanswered or sin struggles that continue to plague them help me worship God. God will be good and faithful to me too, even if the struggle and suffering I pray against never is relieved. ⁣

Let others help you worship God. Get connected to other imperfect people. Know people’s stories. Learn their challenges and struggles. Lean in. Then let their voices strengthen you on weary days. #exhalenoticewriting #dayone #noticehelpers


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