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Oh for Grace to Trust Him More

We're getting there! We have our written court order, but it is not yet translated to English, which we need to move forward.

Learning to trust in Jesus all the more in these really hard days of waiting. In the days when the end of this wait feels close, in the days when the completion of this feels impossible, in the days when her poverty and loss and sorrows to come take my breath away, in the days when I feel like I'm doing what the Lord would have for me and in the days when my calling feels out of reach, in the days when sleep is hard to come by and what if's swirl through my head, He is faithful. He is always worthy of my trust, always acting rightly and lovingly and wisely. He controls all things. If He wanted Ella to be in our house tonight, she would be here. He is good even when we can't see. Oh for Grace to trust Him more.

Please pray that we would receive the written English translation this week! Please continue to pray for our sweet Ella, for her protection and care. Please boldly ask with us that the Lord would unite our family by Thanksgiving. #hopewins #hopestillwins #ellawillcomehome


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