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One Less

One. Less. Orphan. The impact of these words is tremendous. Life changing.

Soon, there will one less orphan in China, because we are getting one more boy in our family. We are adopting a son! These words feel oddly surreal. It is hard to absorb the reality of this. We are one step closer to being a family of 4! We have seen his sweet face, read about his medical needs and his daily schedule. We think about him, dream about him, and pray for him. Yet, he does not know us. He doesn't know what his future holds. We long to hold him, to love him, to feel his hands, to touch his face, to look into his eyes. Now we wait. Months will pass until we will be together. 

He is a waiting child. We cannot discuss all of what this means here, but this little boy's life has a beautiful story to tell. His medical issues put him in the category of a waiting child. Our adoption agency has a mission to adopt 400 waiting children around the world. Waiting children are often older or suffer from more significant medical needs. We did not plan to adopt a waiting child, but once again, God made clear His plan to us. More on this later. There will be one less child who is waiting for a forever family. His forever family was found!

Asher is very excited to be a brother and to have a brother. Asher is one year older than this sweet boy. This life was created halfway around the world, just as we were embarking on our journey of secondary infertility. God is so good. 

We are very grateful that God has blessed us so quickly with a match! Praise the Lord! It is still considered a soft match, until our final paperwork is processed. 

Please join us in continued prayer.

Pray that time would pass quickly. I can't express it strongly enough, we are so anxious to be with him.

Pray that paperwork would be processed quickly. 

Pray for the finances we need to fund this adoption. As we are adopting a waiting child, fees are due more quickly than originally expected.

Pray for protection over this sweet child. Pray for safety in the orphanage and for his health. We are anxious to get him home and established with a medical team here. 

Pray that he would feel security. Pray that he would know that there is a family for him, that he would know that he is loved and even at his precious young age, that he would know Jesus. 

We are filled with joy and gratitude for all that the Lord has done. We also grieve the years we have not had with him and are so anxious to have him with us. Please continue to pray for our family as we prepare for this new season!


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