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Our Little Miracle is a...

We expected around this time this year to share that we had been matched with our little girl in China. So, we are especially amazed and humbled that we are announcing instead that we are adding a little baby boy to our family! Here’s the big question we keep hearing— were you hoping for a girl? Sure, girls are sweet and little girls clothes are just darling, but we are learning just as we did with Kai’s adoption process that God is building our family with specific purpose and incredible commitment to revealing His glory and goodness. To think that God has paused our journey to our little girl in China to bring this sweet, miraculous baby boy to our family leaves us full of worship and awe of God’s specific plans that illuminate His great power, incredible mercy and deep love. God is building our family with beautiful intention. We covet your continued love, support, and prayers as we prepare to welcome this miracle baby boy into our family in a few months.  And please pray as we continue in our adoption process to bring home the little girl that God has planned to be ours. There is nothing in our lives not intentionally and intimately ruled by God and in His goodness and love. He is beautifully reminding us of this even as He unveils His plan for our family in his miraculous and unexpected ways!


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