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Please Pray!

India is in a tremendous crisis. It is likely the devastation and death tolls we see are under reported. When we adopted our daughter, we welcomed a culture and embraced a family we will never know. Ella’s birth family is part of ours. We will never meet them, but they are treasured. Our hearts ache for the friends we have made in India, the people we have grown to treasure and our daughter’s family. ⁣

My heart grew heavier today as I considered information I heard recently from This image hasn’t left my mind (2). This graphic represents all of the people groups in India and which people groups have been reached with the Gospel. Do you see all of the red? These are people who are living (and dying) never having heard the name of Jesus. (

This is deeply sobering and shapes my prayers for these people, our friends and our family. As the suffering around the world makes us rightfully long for Jesus’ return, may we humbly remember with broken hearts so many people that have not even heard His name. ⁣There is mercy in His delay.

Pray for India. Pray for the physical suffering and for the spiritual darkness. Pray for the virus to subside, for lives to be spared and for things like medications and oxygen be made available. Pray with urgency for Jesus to be made known. He is our hope. He is their hope. #hopewins #hopestillwins


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