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Purpose in the Waiting

Yesterday was a particularly sweet day. In this adoption process, some days and weeks seem to fly by, full of excitement and things to keep us busy. Other days and weeks feel like they're crawling by, checking our email and phones by the hour, hoping for news. Many moments our hearts and lives are so beautifully filled by our three sweet boys at home. Some moments our hearts just ache to do what we believe God is asking us to do, to bring this new little one home and to know who this little one will be.

God is purposeful and so near in the waiting. That doesn't make the waiting easier, but it draws us nearer to the heart of the one who is sovereign over our waiting. Sometimes that drawing near looks like brave marching forward, sometimes that drawing near looks like clinging to truth in scripture or in song with tears in our eyes.

Some days, India and our little one living there fill our minds and conversations. Other days, it's quiet hum in the back of our hearts. Some days, we are overwhelmed by the interest of those around us. Other days, we quietly go about life.Yesterday was a day where we were overwhelmed by the love and support of others, thinking about and talking about India, full of hope and bolstered joy for the journey ahead.Thank you so much to all of those within our communitty who supported our 5K fundraiser by running, donating money, donating supplies, praying and encouraging us in the process.

A huge thank you to our friend, Becky, who dreamed this and made it happen in the face of challenges but faithfully and continually encouraged us that the Lord is at work.This waiting is hard. But God's sweet and tender provision and love shown through our community takes our breath away.#hopewins #hopestillwins #indiaadoption


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