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Red Dollar Signs

Our adoption agency has a wonderful online portal where we can submit questions and receive prompt and helpful replies. I am so grateful for all the information available to us through this portal: information about China, adoption resources, fundraising ideas…and of course, when fees need to be paid.

In fact, when we need to pay an amount to our agency, a little red dollar sign pops up in the corner of the portal. The last time it caught my eye, I noticed a flutter of anxiety in my heart. I know God is going to supply all we need to bring little Kai home. Yet my heart can still cower back at times, overwhelmed by the obstacles to us being with him. By God’s grace, the cowering is becoming less, and my praise to God is growing, as my faith in his perfect provision also grows.

God seems to do that a lot with our hearts. We see a red dollar sign. We shrink back for a moment. But then He brings us back to reality- the reality of His power, goodness, and faithfulness. Even over red dollar signs. 

Please pray that we would learn more to trust God for His provision and His timing. Some days we are more aware of our need than God's glorious riches. 

How can you pray speciifcally for our financial needs?

* We have applied for 22 grants. It has been a tremendous undertaking, but we wanted to make every effort to find all possible resources. Please pray that the grant organizations would look upon us with favor. 

* We are organizing a fundraiser for December 11, 2015 at Calvary. Please pray that the truth of the Gospel would be clear. Pray that this event would generate funds.  Please consider attending the event and spread the word! 

* Even greater than our financial need for this adoption continues to be our need for Christ. Please pray that through all of this, our faith would grow. Pray that we would lean into God on days when we feel anxious and overwhelmed, when we're tempted to question God's goodness and faithfulness and when our neediness seems to eclipse God's greatness.


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