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These first two are one of my deepest answered prayers. Their relationship is a treasure to behold and nothing we could have created. Our next pair is starting to find their way. They have had many more obstacles to overcome and yet love is growing and beautiful things are emerging from hard places. ⁣

We were asked often (especially with Kai), how bringing in a child who came from hard places and trauma and abuse could impact our bio kids. It has not been easy and our family and kids’ journeys are far from over, but I can say with confidence it has impacted them in the best of ways. It has grown patience, empathy, kindness, compassion. We cannot shield our children from broken, rather we can walk with them, moving towards what is broken and sad. ⁣

It’s hard, this time around, especially. We are in the throes of facing brokenness and abuse head on and experiencing the regressions and struggles of toddlers figuring it out. But it is so worth it. For us, and every one of our kids. #hopewins #hopestillwins #indiaadoption #chinaadoption


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