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Still Here

We're still here. Not much has changed. Some days are really long. Relationships are forming. Love is growing. There is lots of joy, excitement, tears and frustration. The hard and the effortless parts of this journey are both equally beautiful.

We are so appreciative of your continued prayers and encouragement for all of us. This is a marathon and while the grueling journey to get to this point and the amazing trip in India to bring her home are all complete, the journey is just unfolding.

How can you continue to pray for us?

1. Attachment: We know the hurdles that are so common for children to attach to their families. There are also difficulties to us attaching to them. Some days it all feels natural, other days, we just keep moving forward, confident that the feelings and attachment will follow. This is the normal ebb and flow of attachment, but can carry extra guilt and frustration to not feel attached and connected at times.

2. Health: Ella is doing so well. She is growing in her receptive language, although not speaking much. Pray for her growth in speech and language. We have upcoming appointments with audiology and ophthalmology before our next adoption clinic visit. There are some new hematology, GI and dermatology concerns that are surfacing. After our next adoption clinic appointment, we will begin to explore neurology issues. Please continue to pray for wisdom and direction from our doctors. We feel so blessed by our amazing team of doctors!

3. New Routines: We are all settling into new routines, meeting varying needs of everyone. Pray for us all as we adjust to a new and at times more demanding of time member of the family. Pray for greater patience, kindness and grace for each other. There's so much change and we need to continue to care for one another. It is emotionally demanding and energy draining, but God is strengthening and sanctifying us day by day.


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