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It’s hard not to notice the volatile weather of March in Pennsylvania. One day, it is 70 degrees and sunny, the next it is snowing, just look outside. But there is something extra special about those sunny days. Winter can feel long. The never ending days with little to no sunshine fill the winter months. When the spring sun first starts to shine, it feels like a boost, a breath of fresh air. The spring sun feels different. It’s a taste of the bright days to come. The spring sun shines a little brighter, emerging from the dreary and gray months of winter. ⁣

That’s what our hearts often need. Even when there’s pain and hardship and suffering on the horizon, the glimpses of sunshine can boost our spirits. It’s like a little promise of what is to come. Warmth is coming, bright flowers will soon fill gardens and blossoming trees will line our streets. The sound of kids playing and laughing will soon echo through neighborhoods. ⁣

Not only does the sun provide light and warmth. It urges us to look up, to behold its majesty and strength and beauty. And as we behold the sun, we are reminded of the one who created the sun, the one who will eventually cause the sun to not even be needed. See the sun and remember the light of the world.⁣

The weather changes, sunshine and warmth come and go. But the most beautiful of days is only a taste of what is to come and will be enjoyed forever. Let the beauty that you see, move your heart to behold the one who created it all and holds it all together. Look up.⁣


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