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Sweet Mercy

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Don’t ever get the impression that we do this because we know what we are doing or have extraordinary patience or faith or love or because we have it all together. We do this because we were loved first. God has been faithful. Not in making the journey easy but in sustaining us along the way. Sometimes the deepest grace we can receive comes at the end of ourselves. What a sweet mercy!

Ella is my great grandmother’s name. God has been faithful to our family through good times and bad. In spite of our failures and our successes. He will continue to be faithful. Not because we are good or faithful, but because He is faithful. Ella means light. No amount of darkness can overcome the light.⁣

Aarti was given to her by the orphanage workers who found her. We deeply desire to honor her culture and her early years. It is a Hindi word for act of worship. May she grow to know the One worthy of our worship.⁣

May her light and our light always shine bright. ⁣

Light and life to all He brings. #hopewins #hopestillwins #ellawillcomehome


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