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The Final Piece

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Our sweet girl’s birthday has come and gone. We grieved and felt deep sadness, but God was so near to us. Our sadness isn’t just not being with her on her birthday, but to be honest, the end just doesn’t seem to be in sight. God gave us incredible gifts through our local community, through people remembering and reaching out to us, through so many of your generosity, through people in India. God was gracious to boost our faith and deepen our hope in the midst of our emptiness. He gives us grace for each moment.

While we didn’t quite reach our fundraising goal by her birthday, we are getting closer! You all have been so generous! We have 200 puzzle pieces remaining. Her first scheduled court date is upcoming on August 17th. There is so much unknown about this. To be honest, right now I vacillate between dread and hope for this date. We will share more in the coming week. We would love to have this puzzle complete by this court date!

How can you help with our final fundraiser? Would you consider buying a piece or two or more ($10/piece)? Tell your friends? Or share with your community? Pray for God to provide? This is an incredible opportunity to be part of Ella’s story! 🧡💚🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩🧩

Paypal: (remember to select friends and family)

Venmo: hopestillwins


Check: PM message me for address


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