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They handed her to us. They said she was a happy child. Then they asked with piqued curiosity and confusion, you do know what is wrong with her, don’t you? She has a very low IQ. ⁣

In a culture where female infanticide is extremely common and a girl with a disability may even be seen as a curse, I hope they never forget her. There was too much of a language barrier to explain our love for her or her indescribable value. But I hope they saw it.⁣

She is made in the image of God. She is precious. She is treasure. Her gender, IQ, family of origin or early days don’t define her. ⁣

I would never say that she is not tremendously valuable. But my struggle might be a little less visible. May my heart and attitude always treasure her too. When I’m tempted to see her as an inconvenience, a challenge, when she requires appointments or extra help or support, when she needs reminders of her love or extra effort to feel secure. When she requires more of me than I want to give, may I value her just as much. ⁣

Her life is changing people every day and maybe mine the most. I hope it helps them to see her value too. I hope even without words, they see the One her life points back to. #hopewins #hopestillwins #ellawillcomehome #adoption #indiaadoption


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