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Paul and I had the privelage of traveling to Sacramento, California in July for the North American Baptist Triennial Conference. This was a great opportunity to make connections with other ministry leaders within our denomination. What an encouragement to hear reports of how God is working all across the nations! 

There's something about thinking about long flights with a toddler -- to British Columbia in July and China sometime in our near future-- that made me appreciate flying alone with Paul. We enjoyed traveling together, knowing Asher was having a blast with grandparents! We had blessed time of conversation, dreaming and praying about our future and enjoying exploring the city.  Paul and I love spending time in cities. We found some great spots in Sacramento and enjoyed a quick trip to San Francisco!

In the midst of exceptionally busy and stressful seasons of life, we are so grateful for opportunities to rest and refocus, even when it's part of a work trip!


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