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Trust in the Lord

The excitement of our last step has worn off. The waiting in this season is so hard. It is exhausting. Tonight I had to grab a mug from the back of the cabinet for my hot lemon water. The dishwasher was full and I am too tired to unload it. One child is struggling to sleep. One child is crying because he doesn’t think he is good enough at math. Our dog injured his leg and needs carried up and down the stairs. Another pause in our adoption. Without looking, I grabbed this mug from the back of the cabinet. Just what I need to remember. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Even when circumstances tempt you to think otherwise. Because He has proved trustworthy time and time again. Because He is good. Because He is worthy. Because He sovereign. Because He is faithful. Thankful for the truth my heart needed because of a full dishwasher and a weary soul. #hopewins#hopestillwins#ellawillcomehome


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