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Truth on a Pumpkin

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Today, I caught myself thinking that I haven’t rebounded from this adoption loss as fast as I would have hoped. It’s still heavy. It’s still sad. The waiting feels like an eternity, knowing that on the other side of this, more waiting awaits us! One year ago, we shared our adoption news with our boys, never imagining we would be stuck in this stage a year later. After a few moments, it dawned on me, maybe the point isn’t rebounding, maybe the point isn’t just getting over it or learning the right things or growing in the right ways. Maybe the point is turning to God moment by moment, imperfectly, stumbling, when my faith feels strong, when my faith feels weak. God cares most about my heart, using every circumstance large and small to draw me near to Him. Never stop seeing your heartache as an invitation to be near to the One who is drawing you in.

I’ve been returning to Psalm 42 and this modern hymn formed from this passage each day.

Lord, from sorrows deep I call When my hope is shaken Torn and ruined from the fall Hear my desperation For so long I've pled and prayed God, come to my rescue Even so the thorn remains Still my heart will praise You.

Pulling out all the stops to keep my heart anchored. Even a pumpkin can hold truth

Oh, my soul, put your hope in God My help, my Rock, I will praise Him Sing, oh, sing through the raging storm You're still my God, my salvation.


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