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Truth Worth Staying Awhile

We have learned some good news and some news that urges us to ask you for prayer once again. We learned that our case was heard last week. Unfortunately, we did not pass court as we had hoped. We have another court hearing overnight tonight. Would you please pray for this hearing? Please pray that it would take place. COVID in her state is not good and this impacts the court system. Please pray that we would receive verbal orders for guardianship of our daughter.

I have been finishing up a study on Romans 8 this week. I tend to quickly pass over Romans 8:28. Its familiarity combined with my inability to really, at a deep heart level believe it make it an easy, skimmable, while quotable verse. But as this entire season is reinforcing in my heart, God’s truth is truth, no matter how I feel or how I experience God to be in any moment or season. Just because it doesn’t feel true does not mean it’s not true.

So I lingered longer than normal on this truth. God will work all things. All of them. Every detail. There are a lot of painful details in this adoption process and pursuit of our precious daughter. Each painful detail will work together for our good. I don’t see it. I definitely don’t always feel it. I especially can’t understand it for her. But it’s true. So my step of faith tonight is to declare that it is true, confess to my God that it doesn’t seem true, rehearse the Gospel to my heart and ask you all to join with us again in this. This darkness does not have the final word. We know the end of the story. An eternal light is piercing through the darkness now and will overcome the darkness for all of our days to come. Please pray for light to break through this darkness tonight. “Today you may be living through a situation that simply doesn’t seem good, and yet your heavenly Father is whispering, “Oh, dear one, trust Me!” He knows all things and is indeed working all things for the good of those who love Him. He is not withholding good from you. It isn’t in His character to do so. Even what might appear like death will one day be revealed as His ultimate good in your life.” Trillia Newbell (Romans 8: If God is for Us) #hopewins #hopestillwins #ellawillcomehome


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