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Unexpected Places

If we knew what this journey would have entailed, I don’t know if we would have had the courage to say yes. And yet God faithfully provided each step of the way and will continue.

This came so often in unexpected places Through an adoption grant, a friend dropping off a meal, a friend stopping by just to give a hug, a text remembering important days or recognizing losses, a verse or song shared, a gifted Starbucks drink, a card, a reminder of prayers from our community. Somedays, I couldn’t see or think straight. It was hard to see God for who He was or believe His purposes. And yet, in my faithlessness, He remained faithful through Himself and through His people.

On Friday, the boys jumped in the van after school. They were grinning ear to ear, holding packages. The entire second grade class, who has prayed for our girl, wrote notes of encouragement and prayers for us and our daughter. What an incredible moment of how God works. I didn’t expect encouragement to come from some of the sweetest second graders I know, but God amazed me and deeply touched us. I love when God shines brightly in unsuspecting places. #hopewins #hopestillwins#ellawillcomehome


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