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It’s been an unexpected week. Kai and Asher had a collision (similar to the 1,000 others they have had before). But this one proved to be more serious. Within 30 minutes Kai got very ill. As he has a VP shunt, we had to take him to the ER. Shunt failure is possible and maybe even likely at some point. We know the signs, but this was our first scare and we learned a lot! After testing, they felt it would be best to transfer him via ambulance to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. After about 20 hours in two ER’s, we were sent home due to their beds being full, with a list of reasons to return and things to avoid. Right now the cat scan shows that his shunt is okay, but because we have have very limited images and history, we don’t fully know if he is out of the woods. They think things are more likely a concussion than a shunt failure. He is stable, tired and not feeling great, but significantly improved from the other night. ⁣

He was so scared while in the hospital. It triggered so many feelings and fears related to his health before us and his relinquishment. It is heartbreaking to know the depth of his loss and trauma and fear. But each experience like this gives new opportunities to draw closer to each other. Even greater, these things give us opportunity to hope in Christ and trust in His good, good love. Please pray for Kai’s healing and clarity for his ongoing needs physically and emotionally. ⁣

These kids that come from hard places are incredible warriors. If you know kids with hard beginnings or histories, remember, recognize and embrace those tender places. They need people to see it, enter in and love them in it all.


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