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What Love Does

Three months ago, we posted our last update! A lot of not exciting, not glorious, mundane has been happening here. But the change you see here is nothing short of a miracle!

We had a big follow up appointment this week. Her little body has fought off so much. Just about everything that could go wrong with her related to orphanage life and limited medical care did . It was so affirming to hear the doctor tell us that it has been a lot of medical surprises-- which alone is exhausting! Thankfully, all of these medical issues that have come up have been treatable. She is such a fighter!

We are now looking into some of the major issues we knew could be a challenge for her. We have had waves of hope that maybe the neurological issues and injuries were not impacting her development. But our adoption clinic team let us know this week that it is definitely playing a role. So we are beginning on a journey of physical therapy and speech therapy and eventually neurological investigations.

It was hard information to hear. We have had moments of sadness and concern for her and uncertainty about the extent of her needs. While all of this is unknown to us, it is not unknown to God. We can trust Him with what we don't know, what we fear and what we imagine. We are preparing for a new, intensive season, convinced that whatever is our sweet daughter's reality and whatever is ours is our reality because God loves us deeply.

We so covet and appreciate your continued prayers and love as we continue down this road. Look what love does!


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