Our baby

Please Pray

  • For our precious daughter. She has serious health needs and we are so anxious to bring her home and care for and love her.

  • Pray for protection over her in her orphanage. We know her age is a difficult age for care.

  • Pray for that she would be attached to a caregiver. 

The process

Please Pray

  • For our travel to India on November 19!

  • For Ella's passport to be issued quickly.

  • For our in country appointments to be effecient and without problems. 

  • For quick and safe return home and process through immigration.


Please Pray 

  • Praise God for providing abundantly so far in our process through the generosity of so many! 

  • Please pray for God to continue to meet our financial needs for her medical care upon arrival home.


Please pray

  • For our boys' hearts. They are excited and love her already. Yet, there will be lots of change and time away from mom and dad upcoming. 

  • Pray for continued unity, strength and trust in the Lord.

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